OFFLINE: Live Weather Cam (Oroklini, Cyprus)

Until further notice the webcam will be OFFLINE! Sorry about that.

Sea View UPDATE: I’m experimenting with a new WGCC zoom camera looking towards the sea which is about 1km away. The camera is mounted on a pole on the pool pump room in my garden. It is using Powerline adapters and the connection is not very good but I am working on that.

The other view which you may see is of the main road into the village with Oroklini lake on the other side of the road (Oroklini Life Natura 2000 Project). Occasionally the views will change or it will just freeze or be offline because it’s still experimental!

Youtube Live Webcam Link (URL)

If you choose to view the above video in YouTube it will take you to a regular YouTube video URL Like this: However that URL will change from time to time and sometimes when the stream is restarted. The correct URL which will always work is this:

On mobile devices the above link can also be used to open the webcam stream in your YouTube mobile app.


I’m using Youtube Live streaming to make the webcam feed super accessible on multiple platforms. For the technically curious this is how I’m doing it. The stream comes from an IP security camera on my home network which provides an rtsp stream. The stream is used by a CCTV NVR device as well as a PC running Blue Iris camera monitoring software. On the same PC I have a batch file which runs the command line FFmpeg program to hook into the rtsp stream from the camera and sent it to the YouTube Live Streaming rtmp server.

I use the -stimeout option of FFmpeg to handle problems with the stream from the camera. e.g. if the camera loses it’s network connection or there is a problem with my internet connection. If there is a problem the -stimeout option makes ffmpeg.exe end execution. The batch file uses a simple goto loop so it re-runs FFmpeg with a 60 second pause/timeout command. It’s a simple way to make sure the live stream to Youtube gets restarted when there is a problem.

At the moment I’m taking the feed from a Reolink camera I tested recently. I am planning another system to show static photos from multiple cameras taken at 15 minute intervals.

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