SOLVED: Can’t Add Videos to Amazon reviews

The Amazon reviews submission form changed recently, you can’t add a video anymore. Here is a simple workaround.

If you’ve ever added a review to Amazon you’ll be familiar with the form which allows you to add photos or a video:

But I noticed in August 2018 the form had changed and there was no button to add a video, just a photo:

When you click the add a photo button it only shows image files on your computer. You can change the file types to show all files and then submit a video file. This does not work. I tried it and the review got rejected because Amazon’s review system could not see the video.

Suggestion by Amazon:

I have been in touch with the Amazon Community Reviews team and they provided instructions which also appear on the Amazon website which state:

To upload a video, or if you prefer the old review page:

  • Click the link beside Uploading a video? Looking for the older review page?

… Well, I can’t find that link anywhere!!

My Solution:

How do you add a video review to Amazon now the add video button has disappeared?

  1. Add your review WITHOUT the video
  2. Wait for the review to get approved
  3. Click the Edit button underneath your review
  4. Upload you video using the Add photos/video button which is now available

This method has worked perfectly for me. Hopefully my video will help Amazon understand the problem I am seeing.

If you’ve seen the link which allows you to view the old review page, please comment below!


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