SOLVED: Can’t Add Videos to Amazon reviews

The Amazon reviews submission form changed recently, you can’t add a video anymore. Here is a simple workaround.

If you’ve ever added a review to Amazon you’ll be familiar with the form which allows you to add photos or a video:

But I noticed in August 2018 the form had changed and there was no button to add a video, just a photo:

When you click the add a photo button it only shows image files on your computer. You can change the file types to show all files and then submit a video file. This does not work. I tried it and the review got rejected because Amazon’s review system could not see the video.

Suggestion by Amazon:

I have been in touch with the Amazon Community Reviews team and they provided instructions which also appear on the Amazon website which state:

To upload a video, or if you prefer the old review page:

  • Click the link beside Uploading a video? Looking for the older review page?

… Well, I can’t find that link anywhere!!

My Solution:

How do you add a video review to Amazon now the add video button has disappeared?

  1. Add your review WITHOUT the video
  2. Wait for the review to get approved
  3. Click the Edit button underneath your review
  4. Upload you video using the Add photos/video button which is now available

This method has worked perfectly for me. Hopefully my video will help Amazon understand the problem I am seeing.

If you’ve seen the link which allows you to view the old review page, please comment below!


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  1. Buster Ecks says:

    All of a sudden, today while leaving a review, I noticed that I’m, once again, able to upload images and videos.
    Anyone else suddenly able to do this as well?

    • Orion says:

      Yes! I just checked and the option is there for me too. Thankful things are starting to return to normal.

  2. katja says:

    This solution doesn’t work at all. I tried this on the mobile site, mobile application and the desktop site. Nothing works. Well I guess it only worked for the person who posted the solution, but clearly not for anyone else. You can only upload unboxing videos but not videos under the review or images. I contacted customer service via chat, I sent screenshots via email and the assistant I was speaking to was completely stumped. They say that they will escalate the issue and get back to me within 48hrs. If they reply with a solution for those who still need it, I will share it

    • Buster Ecks says:

      I’ve reached out to them a few times, but no luck with any solutions or even any answers.
      Each representative acts just as surprised as the previous, but I’ve noticed more and more articles and message board posts on this topic, so I’m sure they have some idea.

  3. Steven Reed says:

    The fix mentioned did not work for me. Amazon says it is Covid-19 releated as others have mentioned.

  4. SOLUTION: You can add your video as an unbox or how to video until the issue is resolved that’s what I’ve been doing I hope this helps God bless and stay safe.
    Btw check me out on YouTube @ Royal Dacosta

  5. Cheeserie says:

    This is totally COVID related. The COVID virus has infected their server so it cannot accept photos and videos anymore. This is contagious impacting their other servers such that other servers are experiencing respiratory issues further blocking videos and photos, just like too much mucus blocking the airway. Amazon is working very hard in treating their servers with antibiotics and moving it to 100% oxygen environment with full-time respiratory care. Hopefully soon when the COVID is eliminated the servers can recover and resume functioning again. The COVID is also known to block electronic transmission from your computer to theirs. So beware.

  6. Torry says:

    Ditto… spent a few calls with the folks at Amazon; 1 employee tried his own act and said it wasn’t available to him and he felt sure the ability to add photos will return and to keep checking 🙂

  7. d mcnuggets says:

    Someone mentioned thinking it might be related to your reviewer ranking. I don’t think so. I’m a member of the Amazon Vine program and my current reviewer ranking is #516. Can’t add photos or videos and haven’t been able for maybe a couple of months. Unfortunate, as photos can sure make reviews more helpful and informative.

  8. Bethany J. says:

    Hello all. I contacted Amazon about this problem, and they sent me back an email blaming it on COVID. How convenient, right? Obviously this problem has been going on for months, maybe even years!

  9. Abigail says:

    I have that same issue too, and finally came here and see that it’s a universal issue. I thought it was me – my account, then thought it was my phone, tried doing it by update the page on my phone to the desktop version, then tried it on my laptop and still couldn’t upload my pics.

    I’m glad it’s not just me, but not happy that they did this without an explanation.

    I’m surprised that a company as big and as lucrative as Amazon wouldn’t have there customer service working from home.

  10. M.D. Ward says:

    What’s Crappening? Amazon certainly came out of the gate strong but it appears their promising the ultimately nondoable in so many areas of their business model has created a supply chain from hell, then when the real crap hits the fan, little tears in their performance standards compound to great bleeding gashes filled with empty words and laced with contempt for the client. When will a retail company finally get it. Not a question, more a resignation.

  11. PC PAYLOAD says:

    Real world customer pics are a HUGE part of the buying process. I usually go directly to customer reviews and photos before buying almost anything on Amazon. I am also not able to post pics anymore. Extremely disappointing.

  12. Orion L. says:

    Same here. Maybe the people who review the review photos are busy doing more important things for Amazon. I write about 3 reviews a week and back in mid-March I noticed it was no longer an option. I’ve got all the photos saved in a folder so if the option ever comes back I can add them. Fingers crossed.

  13. Barnabee B says:

    Hello again
    Yesterday I commented about the photo upload to Amazon review.
    Today try it again and it is the same,no option to upload pictures.
    Anyway I started my review and in the review box I typed the following out of my frustration about no picture upload option:

    “Excellent quality,I have several set of it with the controllers.
    I would wright more about it., but the fact Amazon deleted the option to upload pictures to reviews,
    I’m disappointed to writing long detailed reviews and as you know “picture worth 1000 words” and the option not available therefore you have to take my worlds for it.
    All the AC Infinity products great high end products’ with excellent price,packed carefully and I think they really care about they products and they customers.”

    Was this wrong?
    When I hit “send” then I got a notification from Amazon in red letter on the top of the review page:

    Unfortunately Amazon don’t accept review of this product from this account” ????
    For the record my account clean as far as I know,and purchased several of different items from the same seller on Amazon.

    I think they algorithm do’t like the fact I question they “no picture upload decision”
    Also as far I learn from today Amazon cutting almost all affiliate’s commissions about half !?
    Sorry to mention here in,but I think it help to see the bigger pictures,there are lot going on lately at Amazon in clearly.
    Maybe as with the current situation,they almost monopolized the market,and making a killing on profit due to (Covid-19) they don’t need the hundred thousand affiliates.?
    Thank you for hearing me out.

  14. makxex says:

    I agree that this seems to be caused by COVID. The weird thing is one some items that I know are brand new listings I still see some people able to add photos. So that had made me think my account was under some type of review. The pull back of people working on pictures makes sense just based on money. They could obviously still do the job from home or remotely but I’m sure Amazon is trying to cut non-essential parts of the business right now.

  15. Barbabee B says:

    Same here,unable to upload pictures for about two months. Looked on the net,had long chat with Amazon.Something is not right here.If some reason the option disabled,why they don’t say it clearly? The rep on the Amazon chat was going in circle with the old links try this try that,nothing about why there are no option.Try it on different laptops,still nothing. I can see the video option but now working on to reduce the video file edit the video due to the limited file size you can upload to Amazon. Will be back after I try to upload the video.

  16. A.C.R. says:

    I have been experiencing this problem as well…no “add photos/video” button when submitting initial review OR when editing a previously submitted video. I wrote to Amazon for assistance but received an email back saying that no assistance currently available for this matter due to COVID19.

  17. victor says:

    I have been having the same issue about a month. I am trying to get accepted to vine program and do detailed reviews with pictures and video but the option is not there. Initially i thought they took that feature from my account but i heard other people are not able to add as well. The interesting thing is that i see some reviews posted recently have videos or pictures which made me still think they removed the option from my account but my reviewer rank is little over 12k

  18. DK says:

    I’ve been experiencing this for at least a year…so it’s NOT due to the COVID-19 response. Certainly not in my case. Like many other users here…I’ve tried everything!
    Amazon have also been selective with review approvals on a biased approach as some critical reviews of products were not posted citing violations to their standards but after reviewing their standards for the 100th time, I fail to see any violations in any of my reviews and yet when I call, they cannot point to any specifics but just recited the script!

  19. So glad to see that other people are having this issue! I thought it was just me, LOL

  20. Buster Ecks says:

    After a bit of browsing and bouncing around the web, I found a few sources that said this all reverts back to COVID-19. Apparently reviews and images are reviewed and approved by humans. With the pandemic, they have fewer available staff, so they’ve reverted their attention. One of the areas they’ve pulled back from was image/video uploads for reviews.
    Based on what I’ve seen, this timeline sort of makes sense. It’s a bit flawed, but it’s the best explanation I’ve seen thus far.

    To be clear, it’s not the OS, not the browser, not a PC update, and not based on the region. I’ve come to this conclusion after trying various devices, using a VPN to “change locations”, numerous browsers, other accounts, and a few other tricks. This seems to be caused by Amazon, though I’ve yet to find any official proof or support.
    But I currently don’t have too much else to do thanks to COVID, so I’m going to keep looking and examining.

  21. Ricons says:

    I’ve been unable to upload a photo for 6 weeks plus, nor is there an option after a review is published. I’m in the UK and very rarely leave a review less a photo. I’m also unable to add a photo to a message for a seller. App on iPad or browser on laptop. Tried everything possible

  22. Buster Ecks says:

    Same issue here. I’m not seeing much of any coverage on this, yet it appears to have impacted quite a few individuals.

  23. Sadie says:

    Same for me. I’m an avid Amazon reviewer and almost always include pictures. All of a sudden, I’m no longer able to add photos? I was wondering if my account was under review and maybe they took that privilege away from me but it appears other users are having the same problem.

    Any solutions yet?

  24. Rafa says:

    Same here, no picture or video for new reviews. If I go to an older review where I had a pic or a video, I still have the option to add a pic or a video. If I go to an older review with no pic or video, also no pic or video option available.

  25. Gary Bond says:

    Looks like you can no longer add pictures anymore. I had the same issue. They must have done away with the facility.

  26. Brian M says:

    Same problem here. Anyone found a solution yet?

  27. Amazon User says:

    Same happened to me I cannot find the uploading options.

  28. Ateeq Ali says:

    I just wrote a review as well and can’t seem to find the option to post pictures or videos. I had done another review a couple of weeks ago, I was able to post pictures for it and I can add more to it when I edit the review. However, the newer reviews still don’t give the option.

  29. John M. Hammer says:

    I bought an iPad case that I ended up liking a lot and wrote a review. I took pictures to compare it with two other cases I have but there’s no way to add pictures anymore. At least, I can’t find any way to do it. I posted my review, waited for Amazon to publish it, then tried to edit it and still got no opportunity to add photos. I don’t remember the last time I included pictures with a review, probably not that long ago (some time in the fall of 2019 I think), so I think this was removed recently. Kind of weird, I always appreciate useful pictures included with other people’s reviews, not sure why they’d remove the ability to add pics.

  30. Randall A says:

    The Edit Your Review page also does not have the upload a photo or video option. What’s up with that?

    • Angelica Cornett says:

      All of a sudden I am unable to upload a picture when I write a review. What’s going on? How do I upload a picture. Because as of 5 weeks ago I had successfully posted a review with pictures and now it won’t allow me to. Someone help please!!

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