Review: Teenza Laptop stand, £20 from Amazon

Laptop stand in use
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I’ve been banished to the coffee table because my wife is working from home. Due to the nature of her job she needs our big desk and multiple monitors which I would normally use. So I needed a laptop stand and came across this one on Amazon (affiliate link*), it hadn’t got many reviews but it looked nice and I figured if it wasn’t any good I could send it back.


The first thing I noticed, is there were no adjustment screws to loosen or tighten. I proceeded to try and adjust the angle to raise the stand and it was quite stiff so I was concerned I might break it. I needn’t have worried as it turned out to be really strong and the pivot screws are actually the perfect tightness. The metal is really rigid and there is no sign of flexing or risk of damaging it when holding it down with one hand and lifting with the other.

It’s appears to be really well made and very solid. Looks nice and as it has a brushed aluminium finish it doesn’t show fingerprints, which is a bonus. For the price it has a real quality feel to it.

In Use

The blurb on Amazon says the angle of the lower arms can go up to 90 degrees but I wouldn’t recommend that for a laptop as I found that anything over around 60 degrees made it back-heavy and liable to topple over. At 45 degrees it’s perfect and by raising the angle of the top arms it puts the keyboard at an angle and raises the screen height without any risk of falling over. With the lower arms at 45 degrees it puts the bottom of the laptop at about 15-16cm above the tabletop which I found more than adequate. With the keyboard at an angle of about 20 degrees it was incredibly comfortable and stable. As I write this I am typing on the keyboard as I would normally and there is no flex, wobble or movement of the laptop on the stand, even with the palms of my hands resting firmly on the laptop below the keyboard. I really wasn’t expecting that from a stand like this.


For my application, sat on the sofa with a coffee table this stand creates a much better environment for using the computer in the lounge. Another application would be to put the laptop on a regular desk and raise the height of the screen to a more ergonomic height using a separate keyboard underneath. The completely flat base would definitely help in that situation.

A bonus use is that I now have a stand for putting recipe books on when cooking in the kitchen. I may also use it to put a tablet on to watch videos freeing up the space underneath and avoiding spilling things on my tech!

The only downside is the stiffness of adjustment but since that helps with the stability when in use it has to be accepted. The only way that could be avoided would be to have screw adjustments for the pivots but that would detract from the simplicity of the stand.

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