XBOX One Controller Charging Station – Shocking!

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A super convenient charging dock for Xbox One controllers but watch where you put your tongue! 

I thought this seemed like a good product when I first got it. A simple charging and docking stand with rechargeable battery packs for Xbox One controllers.

The concept is simple. Replace the batteries on the controllers with a rechargeable pack the same size as two regular AA batteries, add a battery cover with an opening for the charging contacts and then just sit the controller on top of the dock to charge.

The concept does not work for several reasons:

  1. Doesn’t always make contact. There is no real slot system to ensure when you put the controller onto the dock that the contacts line up. It’s a bit hit and miss.
  2. Charger contacts always live with 5V DC. When you remove the controller from the dock, 5 V of power is still running through the exposed contacts! Dangerous to children, cats, dogs, and even inebriated adults with liquid beverages to hand etc.
  3. Battery Pack contacts also ‘live’. The contacts on the bottom of the battery pack, which you will be holding in your hand, are also live with around 2.7V DC – sweaty hands on that final turn of the final race when you’re in the lead? And don’t forget the idiots out there who will wonder what happens if they stick their tongue on the contacts!

Safety Problem SOLVED:

Charger in cupboard with plasters to hand

The charging dock is safely hidden away from pets and people with curious tongues and I’ll put a sticky plaster over the contacts on the controller if things start to get a bit hot and sweaty, which is quite likely in a couple of months when Cyprus starts to get hot hot hot!

I would now be weary of any charging products that expose the connections like this one on both the dock and the controller. Perhaps the better option is just a removable battery pack that you put in a charger and have a couple of packs for each controller to rotate them – basically like the original Microsoft Play & Charge system (affiliate link*) or this cheaper non-Microsoft version (affiliate link*).

Anyway, if technology is working for me today above you should see a selection of other XBOX One controller charging products from amazon that will be somewhat better than the one I got!

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