DIY Solar pool cover towing boom for €20

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  1. Mark says:

    Hi Interesting post I will definitely copy your design. When did you get this CoolGuard Cover from?

    • Mark says:

      I got my original from in Cyprus but I’m not sure if they still sell them. The problem you may find will be depending on where you live. In the UK there are a number of websites that sell CoolGuard covers – just do some Googling or contact Plastipack directly.

      I think this company in the UK, sells CoolGuard covers and also claim to do worldwide delivery, but the covers can be quite bulky so shipping can get expensive.

      In north America you could try contacting this company:

      Good luck and thanks for the feedback.

  2. Al Diaz says:

    Thanks so much for getting back to me! I just sent them an email, hoping they will do the same for me! I can’t understand why nobody carries or makes a Tow Kit here in the US. It just completely boggles my mind. Very frustrating! Im really looking forward to the new vid,, i must of watched yours a 100 times,,,, lol. Thanks again for your help, and will get back to u on what they say.

  3. Al Diaz says:

    Hi there,, do u know of ANY Tow Kits that would ship to the US? I like your version (or whom evers version this vid is), but would love one of these U.K. only selling stores to send me one already made. Been scouring the internet and all the Leading Edge/Solar Tow Kits are shipped only in the U.K. ugggh

    -Al Diaz

    • Mark says:

      I had the same problem when I wanted to get a proper tow kit for my new cover I got last year – I live in Cyprus and the shipping costs from the UK were really high. Turns out it was because of the polystyrene worms/noodles (whatever you call them) that go in the tow kit. They are quite long so pushed the shipping ‘category’ to oversized. So it was gong to cost £60+ to ship to Cyprus. I came up with a solution though, buy the kit without the noodles! I did that with this company: The shipping cost came down dramatically and they reduced the price a bit since they were not sending the entire kit. I just bought 3 noodles locally for about €3 each and used a length of PVC piping to go through the middle of them (best to get noodles with a hole down the center for this purpose). Problem solved. When I get round to it I’ll be making a new video of my new cover with this tow kit – WHEN I get round to it!!

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