WISP – Superfast wireless internet installation in Oroklini

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  1. George says:


    Hi Mark,

    I’m seriously considering switching my Cyta connection to Cosmos Wireless.

    But i have read both good and bad about the company and the service they provide.

    Its been over a month since you switched and would like it know how its holding up.

    Found any problems with the service or is everything working as it should?



    • Mark says:

      A few weeks in and it’s been working well. Their backbone hit a snag a while back – something to do with the undersea fibre connection that was being used got damaged but they had re-routing options in place so the speed was affected for a couple of days. They kept customers up to date via their Facebook page.

      I have found that I don’t always get the subscribed speeds when downloading from places in mainland Europe – usually around 70-80% which I guess is acceptable. They are looking into this and it may be improved – I’ll report back if it does – from what I’ve heard this is not the case for other customers.

      Some good news for residents in the top part of Oroklini village who can’t get line of sight to their central Larnaca station – they are going to install a sub-station on my roof from where you can see pretty much the whole of Oroklini!

      I was sceptical of the whole wireless thing as it was all new to me but it really does work!

      When the substation is up and working I’ll write a new blog post with more details.

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