Smooth gear shifting with Halfords Bikehut dry lube

You don’t have to use expensive lubrication, when you use it a lot! I often ride in very dry and hot weather on very dusty trails in Cyprus and I find myself cleaning and re-lubing my chain once or twice a week. It’s all very well having top quality lube that claims to last for a long time but that’s no use in hot, dry and dusty conditions. 

I actually discovered how good this stuff was when I was preparing some of my spare bikes for my friends and family to use when they visit and I didn’t fancy wasting my premium lubricant. My parents were about to come and visit me in Cyprus from the UK so I arranged for them to pop into Halfords and bring be a bottle of Bikehut Dry Teflon Bike Lube I had seen on their website.

I used my hands to apply it to the chains to give a good covering and dried the excess with a dry cloth. Then I ran through all the gears several times to give the sprockets a covering and went for a test ride. Very impressive results for a Halfords own-brand lube. Smooth gear changing and quiet running drive chain.

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