Two Cyprus Fruit & Nut Smoothies in 4 mins

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Watch me make two 500ml fresh fruit smoothies in the same time it probably takes to make a cup of coffee

Do you ever think – “I can’t be bothered to make a smoothie, it takes too long”? I don’t, I make fruit smoothies every day and it never takes me more than 5 minutes. Take a look at the video to see!

My Blender

My awesome Salter Nutri Pro blender (affiliate link*) (Amazon link*) blends slices of watermelon and oranges pieces with the pips, apple slices with the skin left on along with almonds and walnuts and the results are really smooth.

I bought this blender when our old Kenwood Smoothie 2 Go was in need of replacement. After a bit of research I came across an episode of What to Buy and Why from the BBC which rated this blender very highly and beat off competition from others costing over £100.

I went ahead and ordered the Nutri Pro (model EK2002) from Amazon in February 2017 for about £45. You can read my ‘first impressions’ review on Amazon here.

Is 30 seconds enough?

The instructions for the Nutri Pro (and a big sticker on the back of it) say that you should not blend for more than 30 seconds at a time and to leave it for a minute between blending to cool down. I find 30 seconds is enough but when you’ve used nuts and some seeded fruits like watermelon, you can get a smoother result by whizzing for another 30 seconds.

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