These cheap kitchen scales are surprisingly accurate

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How accurate are the kitchen scales you can buy off Amazon for less than a tenner? Very, it would appear!

I discovered our old electronic kitchen scales had become really inaccurate so decided to get a replacement. I was going to go for a more expensive device figuring the cheap ones are not going to be accurate – but the reviews seemed to suggest otherwise. I thought I’d get one of the cheap ones and review it myself to see just how good, or bad, they really are.

Here’s my video review, the bottom line is that the display is not great but the accuracy is very good. Oh, and it’s quite a bit smaller than the product info on the Amazon page.

The one I got was a Nestling model like this one on Amazon (affiliate link*) but to be honest when I was searching there were quite a few that all looked identical and all a similar price. I chose this one as it was fulfilled by Amazon (so it shipped to Cyprus), in stock and was one of the lowest prices.

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