How I take my paddle board to the beach

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I use these cheap roof bars to get my inflatable Stand Up Paddle board to the beach. Hang on, it’s inflatable??

Soft Roof Bars for my inflatable Stand Up Paddleboard!

Although it’s inflatable my iSUP takes a long time and a lot of effort to pump it up. I don’t live far from the sea and I like to get down to the beach early in the morning before before work and before the sea gets choppy. I needed a quick way of getting it to the beach without having to deflate and inflate it each time so I looked for the cheapest pair of soft roof bars I could find on Amazon which could be delivered to Cyprus. I found these ones (affiliate link*) which were less than £10 when I bought them. They are whole lot cheaper than the more expensive inflatable types like these HandiRack (affiliate link*) ones – although they cover more surface area so will be better to put on a flimsier roof with not much support.

Car roofs can be flimsy to the touch. Somewhere underneath the thin metal will be the beams of the car’s chassis of some sort. In those areas the roof doesn’t dip down when you press it and that’s obviously a better place to put one of these soft roof bars. For my Peugeot 206 it was easy. It’s a small car so I was able to place the bars right at the front and back of the roof – two areas with solid support beneath them.

The bottom line is they work and do the job which is what I wanted. Combined with my innovative home storage solution for my SUP it means I can be out of the house and on the water in the mornings before I’ve properly woken up!

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