Ohuhu Studio Mic – A Real Cheap Microphone

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I’m no expert in microphone specifications but I wanted a dedicated ‘real’ mic for my video voice overs.

I picked up this super cheap ‘studio’ microphone off Amazon (affiliate link*)* from a brand I’ve never heard of – it was only £13 so I thought I’d take a punt. The brand is Ohuhu which looks like a general Chinese vendor doing the rounds on Amazon with a pretty diverse product range.

Before ordering it I looked at a few similar ones and it was common in the reviews that microphones like this are best used with a 48V Phantom amplifier power supply – Yes, I have now realised that it’s called a phantom power supply not an amplifier it supplies power to the microphone. The effect is that it does increase the level coming from the microphone but that is because the microphone is outputting a higher level, the adapter is not amplifying it.

It will be a great upgrade for the voice overs I add to my videos at editing stage rather than using the microphone from my webcam or phone.

Here’s a link to search for the microphone off Amazon (affiliate link*)* which probably won’t work as I don’t think the product is still available.

I am going to order an adapter which will let me plug this into my phone so when I’m recording reviews etc. using my phone the sound can come from this microphone instead of the phone’s built in one.

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