Review: H9 Mini Keyboard (Video)

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  1. Robert says:

    How do you pair this? It says fn+rf but i don’t see an rf button

    • Mark says:

      Hi Robert, I must admit I’ve never had to ‘pair’ my keyboard to the dongle. It has always just ‘worked’, as long as the dongle is plugged into a computer/STB etc. when I power on the keyboard it connects straight away and the middle LED under the direction pad at the top left lights up solid. Anyway, here is where the RF button is on my keyboard:

      RF button on H9 Mini Keyboard

  2. James plas says:

    Have the t95z plus and when using the h9 and using default browser firefox. My issue is I have too us the abdroid boxes remote too get it too go too the url now my question is this if I install different browser would this solve this issue.

    • Mark says:

      As with my reply below to C. Welch I only tried it with the Chrome browser and it worked OK. So in answer to your question – try installing Chrome and see if that works!

  3. Dicentim says:

    Hi Mark, Could you please tell me why there’s 3 positions on the On/Off switch ? Thanks.

    • Mark says:

      I never noticed that before! Yes, there are three positions but I have no idea why. The middle position just seems to be the same as ‘on’. Maybe they got a better deal on three position switches!

  4. C. Welch says:

    Same problem when connected to the T95Z Plus Android Box.

    • Mark says:

      I just read that the T95Z comes pre-rooted. That means you can install a really simple app called ‘shutdown’ as suggested in my reply to David. Once installed you just add this to your home screen/launcher and you can shutdown by just clicking/selecting it.

      • C. Welch says:

        The specific problem I have is different than shutdown and I am sorry for the confusion. When you use the H9 to enter a URL in a browser and want to “GO” to it, it seems that the only way to complete the action is to move the cursor on the screen to the “GO” position on the far right. Shouldn’t a key on the H9 be able to do this function.
        Thank You!

        • Mark says:

          Currently the only android box I have to test this on is running ‘Android TV’ which has Google Chrome as a browser and when I type a URL I just have to press Enter on the H9 and it goes to the address just like on a normal Windows PC. My box does not have the normal default android box browser on it. Maybe you could try Chrome (I think its better anyway!)

  5. David says:

    Hi Mark!!! Nice gadget … but U have questions .. How to Launch Power off Menu Android TV ????I don’t want to use more remote control.
    Thanks in advanced.

    • Mark says:

      Great question, so I looked into it. Turns out you can’t shutdown an Android box from a keyboard, has to be done via infrared remote. Unless your box is rooted in which case just install the shutdown app from the play store. I just tried it and it works. On Android TV there is only one app but for normal Android devices there are a few apps – find them all just by searching for ‘shutdown’.

  6. Lele says:

    How long should this keyboard charge? And how will u know when it’s fully charged

    • Mark says:

      It takes about 2 hours to fully charge. When it is charging there is a LED light above a little battery symbol. When it is finished charging the light goes out.

  7. HW says:

    Can you pls help me. I cannot close of the onscreen keyboard while using it. When I enter a url and hit enter, it only enters the letter q – the highlighted key. Driving me nuts!!

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