West Biking cycling backpack from Amazon (Video)

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This is a cheap and cheerful rucksack/backpack I got from Amazon (affiliate link*) which turned out to be pretty good. The current price is the same as it was when I bought it – £23.49 and for that you get a mid-size backpack with plenty of storage pockets.

wb-rucksack-fully-loadedWant one yourself? Here it is on Amazon (affiliate link*) (opens in new tab/window).

The seller/manufacturer on Amazon is West Biking (affiliate link*) who are an independent bicycle accessories supplier new to the scene via Amazon. They are based in China but appear to have distribution facilities in Europe as my backpack was sent recorded (trackable) delivery from Holland with Post NL. I’ve not heard much more about them so took a bit of a gamble when I ordered this but I’d say the quality was up there with the kind of stuff you’d pay more for. Time will tell how it lasts though and if those seams stay in tact after a lot of use.

It claims to be waterproof but since I’m a fare-weather rider I haven’t tested that claim yet although it does feel pretty tough.

Anyway, one of the best things is the good range of pockets so lets take a closer look at them:


Want one yourself? West Biking on Amazon (affiliate link*).

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