Reolink RLC-420 Super HD Security Camera

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  1. John says:

    RE: Another power option is not to use PoE at all. You can use the supplied power supply to connect to the power connector on the camera – you can see this connector in the video.

    My RLC-420 didn’t come with a power adapter. What voltage and current is required? I see it’s marked POSITIVE tip and NEGATIVE ring.


  2. Mark H says:

    Hi Mark. A very interesting review. As a user of this camera I can confirm that my experience has been mostly positive. I am struggling a lot with the motion detection. I simply cannot get the camera to ignore movement outside the detection zone that I have set up on by front door. For example I am constantly getting false triggers as a result of reflections in the glass next to my door or movement of my neighbours car on the drive way. Do you have any experience of the movement detection which may assist me in getting rid of the false triggering?

    • Mark says:

      Hi Mark. I had issues with motion detection at night time because of insects flying around the IR lights along with general added noise you get in a nighttime shot so I adjusted the sensitivity down for night time periods. Also I am always very conservative with the motion detection area settings. I take into consideration not just bushes that might move in the wind but also the shadows of the bushes. I don’t have any reflections to deal with but you should avoid areas where that might be a problem. Here’s a link to a screengrab showing my motion detection area:

  3. Ben says:

    Hi, great review and very useful to see your junction box setup in the video. I’m struggling to find a suitable gland/seal for the cable hole on the junction box. Did you buy the black rubber circles separately to the junction box? Have been searching Amazon but not managed to find one suitable.

    • Mark says:

      Hi Ben, glad you liked the review. I bought the box and the grommets from an over-the-counter electrical outlet here in Cyprus – a sort of trade center which is also open to the public. The box did not have the holes or have push outs for the holes so I just used a 20mm hole drilling bit which is actually designed for wood bu cuts the plastic quite easily.

      The main thing with the grommets is they have to be big enough so the hole they go in is big enough for the ethernet connector on the end of the camera cable to fit through but have no pre-cut hole in them so you can make your own hole in the middle with a cut to the edge if you see what I mean.

      I found these on Amazon UK which are the kind that I used:

      • Ben says:

        Many thanks Mark. I didn’t know the black disks were called grommets, with that knowledge I was able to buy some over the weekend and get the junction box and camera installed. Drilling a hole in the grommet then cutting from the hole to the edge was a good method too, thanks. Wish these cameras just had 1 slim PoE cable! Other than that they’re great though.

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