Fix the Tesco HUDL (1st gen) Touch Screen Freeze

hudl-logoFirst generation Tesco HUDL tablets can suffer from the screen locking up and not responding to any input forcing you to power off and back on again. Good News: There is a fix and your may not have to return it!

The Tesco HUDL 1 Android Tablet has been replaced with the bigger, faster, HUDL 2 but there are plenty of people who still have a HUDL 1 – including my father. He, like other HUDL owners I know, has experienced the touch-screen-of-death!

What originally seemed like a hardware fault prompted my dad to return his unit to Tesco. Customer service was great; they arranged for it to be collected from his home and kept him up to date on the status. A week or so later the unit was returned and my Dad tested it. The problem had not gone away. Another phone call from HUDL support indicated there was now a new option in the settings – a screen reset. It has only been a few days but this appears to have fixed the problem.

The Fix

HUDL Display Settings

Reset Touch Screen setting

There is a software update that adds a Reset Touch Screen option in the display settings (see photo). Got to settings and then tap Display and scroll down to the bottom to see if the option is there. If the option is the just tap it and follow the instructions. If the option is not there you need to check for a HUDL software update as follows:

  1. Go to settings
  2. Scroll down to About Tablet
  3. Tap HUDL updates
  4. Tap Check Now
  5. If you are offered an update, download it and it will be installed
  6. The Reset Touch Screen option should now be available in the display settings

If for some reason the above does not work and you do not have the Reset Touch Screen option then you should contact Tesco technical support on 0800 323 4060.

2 Responses

  1. Stan says:

    If the screen is unresponsive how is it possible to roll down or even get to settings

    • Mark says:

      I no longer have access to a HUDL but all I can suggest is if the screen is completely unresponsive you could use a mouse! Most android tablets support a USB mouse. To plug a USB mouse (or keyboard) into an Android tablet you need to use an OTG cable. This lets you plug USB devices into phones and tablets using the micro USB charging port. I often use them and they don’t cost much. Here is a link to one I’ve bought for about £4 this one has a power pass-through so you can have the power cable connected to charge your device at the same time as plugging a USB mouse/keyboard into it.

      If you don’t need the pass through power option you can get an even cheaper OTG cable like this for about £2.

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