Fix the Tesco HUDL (1st gen) Touch Screen Freeze

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  1. Stan says:

    If the screen is unresponsive how is it possible to roll down or even get to settings

    • Mark says:

      I no longer have access to a HUDL but all I can suggest is if the screen is completely unresponsive you could use a mouse! Most android tablets support a USB mouse. To plug a USB mouse (or keyboard) into an Android tablet you need to use an OTG cable. This lets you plug USB devices into phones and tablets using the micro USB charging port. I often use them and they don’t cost much. Here is a link to one I’ve bought for about £4 this one has a power pass-through so you can have the power cable connected to charge your device at the same time as plugging a USB mouse/keyboard into it.

      If you don’t need the pass through power option you can get an even cheaper OTG cable like this for about £2.

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