Oroklini to Larnaca Timelapse Ride

Just for a bit of fun and some practice creating time lapse videos I thought I’d try this. The weather was a bit rubbish this morning so I didn’t fancy a normal ride but I had a small package waiting to be picked up from the Post Office in Larnaca. It’s a 12km ride (there and back) so off I went.

Here’s the video: Oroklini Traffic Lights to Larnaca Post Office and back, in 1m 47s.

The process for making the video was as follows:

  1. Speed up the video: Using Windows Movie Maker I loaded the original clip and set the speed to 16x (on the edit menu) then saved as 1080p 20,000 kbps*
    *The original footage recorded with my ION Air Pro camera is 1080p at approximately 15,000 kbps so saving at anything higher should preserve video quality at this stage
  2. Stabilise the video: The speeded up video was loaded into proDAD Mercalli V4 (demo version) and stabilised with the following settings:
    • Rolling Shutter Compensation: Vibrations/wobble
    • Smooth Camera Path: ActionCam
    • Used Camera Optics: ION Air Pro 1080
    • Avoid Border: disabled
    • All other settings as default
  3. Final Edit: I added the caption at the beginning and the ‘slow down’ effect at the post office, along with the flip transition, in Windows Movie Maker and then saved at 720p 8,000kbps ready for uploading. I did not bother with 1080p this time as it is just a quick test and the clip doesn’t really need to be high quality.

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