A Ride Around The Oroklini Go-Karts Track

Oroklini Go-Karts is open again… sort of! The gates were open so I just had to go in and ride around the circuit. Take a look at some snapshots and an action-cam video of a complete lap.

Oroklini Karting Amusement Park has had a somewhat troubled past. In the early 2000’s it was a lively attraction and far enough away from the village of Oroklini so the noise did not bother residents. Unfortunately that was also a problem because even though it was signposted from the village it was not on a main road so it never picked up any passing trade. There were a few changes in ownership and management but ultimately the park closed some time around 2004.

A few photos of how the park and circuit looks today:

Back in the day

It wasn’t just a karting venue, it had a childrens play area (Luna Park) and just outside was a donkey sanctuary which offered rides for children. The onsite cafeteria had a good selection of sandwiches,  snacks and cold drinks so it was a shame when it closed down. Perhaps in the future as the local area develops we may see it’s return. As you can see from the video it is no mickey mouse circuit and certainly has potential in the right hands and at some point,  the right time.

Location of the Park:

If you have any photos of the Go-Kart park in it’s heyday  and would like to share them here please get in touch with me.

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