SOLD: Proton Gen-2 Car (Video)

I’ve decided to sell our 2007 Proton Gen-2, which isn’t in the best of condition, so an honest video was in order. The paintwork has not weathered well under the hot Cyprus sunshine and there are also a few other problems including the front electric windows where the motor doesn’t stop when the windows reach the bottom resulting in an annoying clunking sound. They do go back up again without problems though thanks to a small modification of a block of wood in the bottom of the door well that stops the windows coming off the rails. The engine and overall driving experience are great though. I’ve never had any problems under the bonnet in the 9 years since I bought the car brand new from Mandilas Car Sales on the Larnaca-Dhekelia road.

When looking at buying a new car recently to replace the Gen-2 I was surprised to find that a couple of things the Proton has going for it is it’s really large boot at 420 litres and very good legroom for passengers in the back seat. Today’s hatchbacks (Ford Focus, VW Golf , Astra etc.)  have boot space around 300-380 litres and those that have a little bit more like the Peugeot 308 sacrifice rear seat legroom for that extra boot space. So The Proton certainly scores well on that which kind of makes up for it’s shortfalls and the problems I have had as you’ll see in my video.

I posted adverts for the car on a few local Facebook classifieds pages including the video and sold it within a few days. I also received positive feedback from a number of people regarding the honesty in the sales video!

Here’s a summary of the good and the bad bits of my 2007 Proton Gen-2:

The Good

  • Big Boot
  • Reliable 1.6L engine
  • Good rear legroom
  • Good tyres
  • Sporty drive
  • Air conditioning
  • No rust
  • Taxed & MOT’d

The Bad

  • Paintwork
  • Window motors don’t stop at bottom
  • Boot catch sticks
  • Rear-right door handle doesn’t work
  • Door mirror adjusters don’t work
  • Steering wheel buttons don’t work
  • Missing door trim
  • Headlights need polishing


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