Fingerprint Padlock – The Gadget Lock!

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A padlock you open with your fingerprint or your phone. What’s the point of that? I must be getting out of touch with technology! A while ago I saw a Bluetooth Padlock advertised on Indiegogo or some other crowdfunding website. I thought, what the??? Then when I was asked to test this lock by China based outfit Chuanglan-Camera which adds Fingerprint opening. I did a quick search on Amazon and found that there are quite a few such devices available. So I thought I would take a look. Here’s my first look video and a quick run through of the setup process.

Back to my original question, what’s the point? Well, it’s actually not such a bad idea. With a regular padlock you need the key or you need to remember the combination. Most domestic combination locks are probably quite easy to ‘crack’. There is an added element of security with this type of lock and the  convenience of not needing to remember a combination or keep a key with you. That means it’s going to be great to take to the swimming baths or the gym.

It is not suitable for a long term installation such as on a shed door because it is battery powered. Therefore it will need recharging periodically. The manufacturer claims a full charge is good for around a month of normal use, which is perfectly acceptable. Charging is achieved via a regular micro-USB connector which is protected by a waterproof grommet.

The lock feels strong and robust, as good as any regular kind of padlock. As a result I would be happy to trust my belongings to it. In reality it’s most likely to be used by me when locking up my bike than going to the gym. My gym is the open road and the mediterranean sea!

Chuanglan-Camera are the guys behind WGCC, the Security Camera company I’ve been testing products for in my home CCTV system. Here's a link to this padlock on Amazon (affiliate link*)*.

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