LitterLocker cartridge refill roll

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I bought a LitterLocker (affiliate link*) cat litter waste bin a while ago and the first thing you find out is the refills cost a lot! Here’s how to save some money

Refill the old cartridges instead of buying new ones

A quick look on Amazon alongside the LitterLocker (affiliate link*) you’ll find related products like this 200m refill liner (affiliate link*) roll from LILNAP (Update: LILNAP product no longer available, try this one instead (affiliate link*)) which can save you a bundle. It’s basically a long roll of plastic bag liner just like what’s inside a proper LitterLocker cartridge which comes in a cardboard tube that is supposed to make it easy to use.

But… head on down to the reviews though and you’ll find them mixed with quite a lot of 1 star reviews.

Why the 1-star reviews?

I think the reason is this is a product sold for more than one type of hygienic disposal bins – the most common seems to be for a Sangenic nappy bin. Looking at a video for refilling a Sangenic nappy bin it shows the lid of the cartridge being removed – that makes the refill procedure really, really, easy. Hence many of the 5-star reviews? However, the Litter Locker (II) cartridges do not have a removable lid so it becomes really, really, fiddly to refill. Hence the 1-star reviews possibly?

Is it rubbish then?

No! Not at all. Yes it’s fiddly but you’re still saving a bundle and as long as you have the patience it can be done. So take a look at my video and see how I do it. I also put the video on Amazon as manincyprus – my alter ego!

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